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Basic Stages Of Construction

Materials to build your new home are ordered well in advance, therefore making last minute changes can be difficult and expensive. Construction coordination involves numerous parties and even a day’s delay can result in major scheduling problems.

While there have been advances and innovations in the home building industry, the process has remained the same, with what is essentially a “hand-built” product. Overall, the process of building a new home generally takes 5 – 6 months depending on size and features. As a Homeowner, you should be aware of the various stages. Décor and interior finishes selections must be made in a timely manner thus ensuring no delays for our home-building crews.

Stage 1 – Excavation, Foundation and Underground Service
Stage 2 – Structural framing, windows and doors, rough electrical, mechanical & plumbing
Stage 3 – Interior partitions, drywall, finish electrical, mechanical & plumbing
Stage 4 – Flooring, cabinetry and paint
Stage 5 – Final clean, PDI  and occupancy

Building any home requires extensive coordination between site superintendents, contracted trades, municipal employees, consulting engineers and legal offices. Your most valuable contribution to this collaborative effort is your attention to making meetings with design staff and choosing touches, features and flooring for your new home.

As soon as you approve your feature and sign off on all selections,  all finishes and customized selections are immediately processed, materials are ordered and the different trades are notified.

MarshallZehr is a complete real estate construction and development capital partner, working with leading regional developers to build a better Canada. Their team of tenacious, dedicated and passionate professionals leverage deep industry experience and leading-edge proprietary technology to service their clients, match their needs, and protect capital at every stage.

MarshallZehr is headquartered in Waterloo, ON.